Aussie Fencing FAQ

Can I have my fence installed on top of a wall that requires core drilling and how much will that cost?

Yes you can. Core drilling will cost about an extra $200 – $300 per job.

Can you arrange a contractor to install my fence?

Yes, we can arrange a contractor to visit you for a free quote. Simply fill out our quote request form or give us a call on 9242 3344.

Can you replace just a few sheets of our broken asbestos, hardifence or supersix fence?

No, we will not because they will most likely break again with the next gust of wind. We recommend you replace that portion of fencing, or your entire fence with our steel fencing.

How many bags of kwikset do I need to buy for each fence post?

We advise two bags of kwikset per post.

How much will a contractor charge to install your fencing materials?

Approx $40/metre for Coloured Steel Sheeted Fencing, $50/metre for Pool Fencing and $70/metre for Pinelap – all subject to viewing site. Minimum installation charge is $250 plus $99 delivery. These prices do not include the cost of the materials

I would like to save money by installing fencing myself. Is it easy to install?

Fencing is relatively easy to install providing you have the right equipment. See our installation instructions page. Approximately one third of our customers have a go at installing themselves.

Will my insurance company allow me to replace my broken hardifence with coloured steel sheeted fencing?

Most insurance companies would prefer you to replace your broken hardifence with coloured steel sheeted fencing. It is proven less likely to be affected by wind and thus insurance companies will save money. If in doubt just ask your insurance provider.

Will the contractor take away the old fence and how much does that cost?

Yes the contractor can take away the old fence. Generally this will cost around $25/metre or $40/metre for asbestos.

 Aussie Fencing FAQ is designed to provide you information about fencing products and installation.