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Core drills now available in 1800W 2 speed.

We also have budget priced core drill barrels and extensions to match.

Check out these amazing prices:



1800 Watt 2 speed                       $300 incl GST

1800 Watt 2 speed slow start     $350 incl GST


Diamond core drill barrel / bits

76mm                                      $60ea incl GST

83mm                                      $65ea incl GST

83mm (700mm long)           $115ea incl GST

95mm                                      $70ea incl GST

127mm                                    $75ea incl GST

127mm (700mm long)         $125ea incl GST

150mm                                   $95ea incl GST

Extensions 300mm              $65ea incl GST


Our drills come with a water hose and fitted levelling bubble.

The connection for the barrel is 1 ¼ inch.


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